Fremont | Union City | Newark Attorney at Law

I am an attorney specializing in estate planning, civil litigation and bankruptcy.  I can assist those who have no
estate plan [i.e., no will or trust or other method of orderly asset transfer upon death] to create an estate plan.
I can review existing estate plans to see whether they are still effective to accomplish your goals in light of changes
in circumstances and/or changes in laws that may have occurred since the estate plan was created.  In bankruptcy
cases I can provide relief for persons struggling under crushing debt loads. Sometimes people have to swallow their
pride to file a bankruptcy case.  But after it is over,almost everyone agrees that the clearing of debt was worth the
swallow.  The peace of mind, the elimination of notices of overdue payments, and freedom to answer the ring of
the telephone without worrying that it is a debt collector about to harass  for payment, sets the client free. This
accomplishes the prime objective of the bankruptcy Code which is to obtain a "fresh start".  Reasons to select
me as your attorney include  experience, personal service, a drive for excellence at reasonable rates.